The Best Explanation of Self-Awareness

In physical fitness, to strengthen abdominal muscles you can do sit ups to eccentrically and concentrically contract your stomach muscles. This, however, does not stimulate the core of your muscle where strength is needed the most. The core of our muscles are strengthened by a different type of contraction – a static contraction. Self-Awareness is life's static contraction. It will strengthen you to the core.


Self-Awareness: The Pre-Requisite for Abundance

My self-awareness has been my backbone through my culture shock of motherhood and the reason for an enhanced quality of life. When I finally understood that my old ways aren’t opening new doors, I knew something had to change. What I didn’t know is that this change was nowhere to be found externally. This change, that must be permanent and truthful, could only come from within. It is only when this change occurs that abundance becomes apparent.